Your video nudges will make it easier to eat healthier, exercise, and feel more relaxed.

Based on Science

Based on Science

Powerful behavioral science is harnessed to help you avoid unhealthy habits without even realizing it. Marketers use it - now you can too!

Based on Science

Smart Timing

Willpower gets depleated - SmartSpark will be there to give you a boost when and where you need it most!

Based on Science

Personalized to YOU

The visions that trigger your mind are unique to you. You will have a visual motivation world to support you.

Based on Science

You can't fail

You Sparks can only help and they never make you feel like a failure. There are enough apps out there that track your habits.

Fun and interesting

Fun and interesting

We make sure that SmartSpark is fun and interesting so that practicing healthy behaviors is easier.


You will take short videos of yourself and your world.

The instructions are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Easy, fun and empowering.

The power of visualization

SmartSpark will combine the videos you take with intelligently selected imagery

Our minds are so powerful that we can build muscles through imaginary workouts! The movies we play in our head wind up in our world. We help you play the videos that empower your life.

Seeing is believing

You watch an always-new video. Be empowered by your own device.

After you watch your spark, your mind will be primed to make healthier living easier. We love it when we see our spark and get motivated to disconnect from our devices and go out and enjoy the real world!

Building will power & personalized reframing

Your 9 sparks types will up your chances of long-term successful healthy habits

We help you build healthy new neural pathways and reMIND you of them in the most fun way possible. Meanwhile, we help you update your internal self-story so that you believe and BE the self you want to be.